Get your whimsy on!

We’ve been stirring up some love themed content in the studio this week. And no, this is not just directed at couples or those going all out for Valentines day, it’s for anyone out there. We may all be cut from a different cloth, but if there is one commonality we all have as human beings, it is the capacity to love.”

Lego Heart by Miss K

Lego Heart by Miss K

At the thought of how wonderful it can be to hear someone say “I love you” we are encouraging you to Write a Letter. In this day of age where we are wired into technology on a daily basis, opening an envelope with traces of Air Mail stickers & stamps can be invigorating.


It doesn’t matter who you’re sending it to, a friend, a family member, the love of your life, maybe you’ll even sign it anonymous? We say get your whimsy on and write a letter to someone you love, you’re bound to make them flush with delight.

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