We’re a sister made brand, together we bring you Stationery & Jewellery Design fused in color.

We’re a sister act, together we are Schwarzie™. We’re the youngest two of seven children who grew up in the KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and then moved to Northern Sudan where our passion for colour began to have a great impact in our lives.We’ve travelled to many unusual places and these experience hold key influences to the work we create. “So much of what we do is inspired by memory, the experiences we’ve gone through and the places we’ve been to.”

We officially started our business in September 2012 with our first showcase being at Design Indaba Expo 2013 in Cape Town where we were selected to take part of the Emerging Creatives programme.

Each item we design, whether Stationery or Jewellery, it exists from a platform of stories fuelled by colour. Our designs mix both playful elements, specifically within our Stationery, as well as fine skill and attention to detail which is highlighted in our Jewellery.

Together we thrive from small beginnings fuelled by big dreams that grow daily.

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